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Auto accidents can devastate and debilitate lives and livelihoods. A momentary lapse of focus, irresponsible attitude, mistakes, and carelessness have the potential to change the course of one's life. Whether it involves a car or a truck, any auto accident generally leads to substantial property loss, grievous personal injuries, and even wrongful death in extreme cases.

Prevention is always better than cure. But, if one is unfortunate enough to be the victim of an auto accident, then taking all necessary preparations is of paramount importance. Proper planning and preparation are crucial for acquiring maximum settlements for bodily injury claims and property damages. Availing of decisive legal support from competent car and auto accident lawyers can aid one in preparing in the right manner.

Auto accident victims need to decide upon the correct course of action with a calm and collected mind. Besides availing of professional legal support, affected parties must think and act carefully for swift respite and satisfactory settlement.


Essential Steps To Acquiring Accident Claims


Calculating The Settlement

Determining the exact settlement amount for the damages is crucial. Failure or an inability to do so can lead to lower settlements and significant losses. Today, there are numerous tech tools available that can aid in calculating car injury settlement, total loss car insurance settlement, or rear-end car accident settlement accurately.

A list of commonly used accident settlement calculators follows:


  • Auto Accident Pain and Suffering Calculator
  • Whiplash Settlement Calculator
  • Car Accident Calculator
  • Injury Claim Calculator
  • Pain and Suffering Settlement Calculator
  • Pain and Suffering Compensation Calculator
  • Pain and Suffering Calculator
  • Average Personal Injury Settlement Calculator
  • Knee Injury Settlement Calculator
  • Car Settlement Calculator
  • Truck Accident Settlement Calculator
  • Rear-End Collision Settlement Calculator
  • Car Accident Claim Calculator


Each and every one of the calculators and settlement tools mentioned above takes into account multiple factors while calculating the total settlement amount. Except for pain and suffering settlement and compensation calculators, all other calculators take into account medical expenses and future loss of income alongside pain and suffering.

Medical Expensesà Expenses include hospital bills, medicinal expenses, surgery and test expenses, ambulance, orthopedic, chiropractic, or any specialized medical treatment, etc.

Lost Income àThe amount of money lost from missed days at work due to injuries. This includes missing out on potential job opportunities.

Pain and Suffering àThis multiplier ranges between 1.5 and 5 and includes emotional distress and inconvenience.

Most calculators use the following formula for calculating settlements, Pain and Suffering Multiplier * Medical Expenses + Loss of Income = Injury Settlement

(Pain and Suffering is generally calculated from the time of the accident to the completion of all medical treatment).

Next up, here’s a list of things to do that can ensure proper compensation of bodily injury claims, car injury settlement, and other uninsured motorist claims.




  • Seek medical help from qualified medical personnel. Ensure proper diagnosisand treatment of your injuries. All such medical information is essential while settling claims or during a legal hearing.


  • File a report with the police. Cooperate with the authorities for proper investigation to ease any legal proceedings later on.


  • If possible, take photos of the accident, the vehicle condition, and all injuries. And, if there are any witnesses, try to get their contact details too.


  • Get in touch with legal personnel as soon as possible.


Affected parties in an accident are almost always eligible for compensation. However, insurance companies make it difficult to successfully settling of such claims. Experienced car accident and auto accident attorneys can provide critical assistance in such matters.


At, we have highly experienced legal professionals with a stellar track record ready to assist you in tackling any kind of auto accident. Experienced auto accident attorneys work on a contingency fee basis and offer astute assistance, irrespective of the circumstances.

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